About Us

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is “always the best.” We ensure this is so by producing food - for both old and young, that passes the ‘Tongue Test’. We Make and We Create Satisfaction.

Our Mission

It is our Mission to make Rehoboth breads the preferred daily meal and continuously pursue the opportunity to delight with new products. To do that, we ensure we provide the freshest and most nutritional preferred products.

About Us

We are Rehoboth Chops & Confectioneries Limited; an exquisite Bakery and Confectionery business that engages in producing unique, extraordinary and tasty products. Rehoboth Bakery is one of the exciting bakeries in the country located in the Commercial and Residential District of Ogba, Lagos.

From our classic and carefully layout production factory in the Ogba, we produce varieties of Rehoboth bread that are of high quality and taste distinctively.

Our Vision

To be Nigeria number one leading brand in bakery and confectioneries business.

Our Values

Our values are centred on the CONSUMER, the principle that guide our actions. They represent why we are in business and guide the direction of our thought towards new businesses.

No one is without history!

Not everyone is familiar with the Rehoboth Bread Brand name in Nigeria. However, everyone in Nigeria who had a taste of our products at one time or the other has enjoyed it. Some of our uniquely baked and fresh products can trace their history back to 2007, when our traditions of freshly baked bread began.

Rehoboth Chops & Confectioneries Limited story begins in 2007 when we started baking from our College Road, Ogba bakery location. Over the years, our commitment to product improvement and delighting consumers’ taste buds have kept Rehoboth brands part of consumers’ regular meal for nearly a decade. With six different product brands available as regular meals at home and to go, the company grew in size.

In January 2015, Rehoboth Bakery completed its state of the art Bakery, situated in the heart and commercial area of Ogba. Moving to the central point of Ogba has increase our business in size, enabling us to better deliver our objectives. Today, Rehoboth bakery operates from a factory of pride with the capacity to do volume and wide distribution network across Lagos Areas and the South-West.